Sincerely very much for your interest and support to Korchip.

Starting as an electronic component distributor that supplies high-quality electronic components to customers at home and abroad in 1990, Korchip started developing and manufacturing Chipcell Carbon products (super capacitor type secondary battery) in 2003. And now, by adding Chipcell Lithium products (Lithium-ion batteries), which are lithium-based small secondary batteries, Korchip has become an energy storage device company that specializing in the development and production of small/ultra-small secondary batteries.

Since 2004 when we started manufacturing, Korchip has been mainly focusing on exports to Europe and China initially, and then extended to the Americas, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, etc and is committed to becoming the world's leading small/ultra-small secondary battery specialist.

Despite the intensifying competition, Korchip was able to continue its growth and recognition of its technology at home and abroad because of its excellent R&D and marketing capabilities that have led the market through long-standing electronic parts distribution business, and as well as its stable production capabilities.

The Chipcell Carbon products, a super capacitor carbon secondary battery produced by Korchip are an important part of high-tech applications such as smart grids and self-driving cars, and are recognized as major parts that will continue to grow with the development of 5G and 6G network technologies.

The Chipcell Lithium small secondary battery product, which has been promoted as a new business since 2022, is a high-safety, high-performance small lithium-ion battery with the advantage of not having a risk of fire or explosion and being able to charge fast within 10 minutes by developing based on long-term technology and market knowledge in carbon-based small secondary batteries

Korchip would continue to work on the technology development of Chipcell Carbon and Chipcell Lithium to make competitive products and through the efficient use of excellent human and material resources to create more competitive products for the market, to become the world's leading company in small/ultra-small secondary battery field.

We would appreciate your continued interest and support in Korchip.

Thank you.

2023 March 15th

Chairman Sun Jin-hyeong